Thank God for the artists!

Every Sunday in our church, whoever preaches gets the opportunity to write a follow up devotion for further reflection and study.  Here is my last sermon and the following devotion.

ENCOUNTER: Exodus 31:1-11 

Talk about an unsung hero!  Bezalel, son of Uri, the spirit-filled artisan who beautified the temple as an act of worship as well as to inspire worship in the people of God.  

It is easy to chalk the act of worship as a spiritual discipline, as focusing your thoughts and life towards God and his purposes.  And while this is true and right, there is this more subjective aspect to worship that is about the stirrings in our spirit that tap into the depths of our being.

The question is who do we lean into a more holistic version of worship that places God on the highest thrown in our minds, and at the same time have our souls stirred to match this intellectual reality.  The way this happens is through gifted and called artists!

Building a temple as the centerpiece of worship for the Jewish people was not all God had intended.  God created beauty and knows that beautiful things, spaces, music, art stir our souls in a way simple prose can not.  God called Bazalel to beautify the temple to be an artist that inspires worship.  Praise God for Bazalel and for the artists throughout the ages until today who have leveraged their gifts so the people of God could have a deeper more connected worship experience.

As we kick off this summer series in the Psalms, may we lean into them as the beautiful, God inspired poetry that the people of God have seen them to be for centuries.  Poetry that is God-centric, deeply emotional, wrestling with the entire spectrum of human emotions in the context of a High King who is ruling all of His creation.  All of the security and complaints that go into that worldview are expressed in the Psalms and can be expressed in our own walk with God.  

May we lean into the artists who help connect us, at the deepest parts of who we are, to God, the one who crafted us in our mother's womb, gifted and called us to be His partners in the ministry of reconciliation, and longs to walk with us through every high and low!  And in all of this may we both intellectually and emotionally give God the honor and praise He is due!


In my sermon, I shared with you to pieces of art that stir me.  I began my sermon with a spoken word by the artist Propaganda, and finished my sermon with the song, "Is He Worthy?" by Andrew Peterson.

Who has God used to inspire you?  What songs connect your heart and mind in worship?  What stirs your soul?  As we jump into this new series, reflect on that and lean into those things and watch God integrate your being as you worship Him!