Leveraging our Leadership in a Post-Christian Context

Leveraging our Leadership in a Post-Christian Context


Good afternoon everybody.  My name is Ben Kerns and I am one of the Lead Pastors at Marin Covenant Church in Northern California.  I have been loving our time together this week and love how intentional our denominational leaders are to push and prod us to be better leaders.

When I think of where and how I am going to put into practice all that I am learning, my first thought is our local church.  It is the place God has called me and it is the people I love.  

I want to leverage my leadership to help our church, our Sunday morning experience, and the programs that surround it be incredible.  For those people who have been in and around the church for a while, I want to make sure the environment is warm and engaging, I want to help grow their hearts towards Jesus and find compelling ways to send them on mission.  

But I don’t just want our church to be incredible, I want to take it to the next level!!