Sabbatical: Week 8

Just like that, another week is in the bag. This last week was really special. It was 7 full days of doing nothing other than trying to love my family. A few weeks ago I went to New York with Kenzie, and this week was Katie and Noah’s turn.

I started this week on the coast in my pajamas for 4 days straight. Katie and I got some some great time together and she got some much deserved rest. The back half of the week was spent with Noah at Universal Studios in Orlando. It was a full week!

I have to say that these mini vacations with each person in my family is quite a unique experience. Usually I give Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation a run for his money in outsized expectations that get run into the ground. And vacations that I have high hopes for to present like super dad, end up crashing and burning and instead of super dad, I end up the Incredible Hulk.

But these trips were nothing like that. And if I can remember this, I will be set for life!

You see, each of these trips where not about me in the slightest. I am on sabbatical. I am all about rest, so I need absolutely nothing other than to love my family. It is horrifying how much baggage I bring to these experiences. Because usually, all my unspoken expectations ruin it for everyone. But these trips where nothing like that. Each trip was simply about doing what they wanted to do, on their timeline, and at their whims.

It really was an incredible discipline to go with the flow, to try and guess what they might want to do next, be willing to switch on a dime, buy whatever is needed to accommodate, and be done when they are done. And the truth is, we did everything and more doing it their way, than if we were to do it my way, with my expectations and my needs first.

Not bad, at 43 to finally learn this lesson. I am sure I will forget it in no time, but that is why I wanted to write it down. I want to document that Clark Griswold must die. My need to be the best dad and husband often get in the way of actually being the best dad and husband by simply being available and love my kids and wife. Let’s see if I can pull off this perspective in real life.

As I begin my last month of sabbatical I feel full and rested. I feel so much love for my family and for my church. I look forward to these last few weeks to have some normal time to read, work out, and come up with a plan on how I want to implement some of the lessons I am learning on sabbatical in my normal life. Pray for me, and I’ll pray for you and look forward to being back together soon.