Sabbatical: Week 4

I can not believe I am one month down. This last week I spent some time with a dear friend and attended his class at the University of Miami on entrepreneurship. Then I attended the Oceans conference. It is a faith-based conference for entrepreneurs. Seth Godin was the headlining speaker and he rocked my world! (Down the road, as I digest all that I have been learning, I will look forward to writing more about that as I process what this means for me and my ministry.)

With 4 weeks behind me I have had three big epiphanies:

1) I love my job! It’s true. I can’t believe I get to do what I do. Over the past few years my job has changed dramatically, and to have the opportunity to step away and reboot is turning out to be such a gift. I have spent this last month doing some really intentional professional development and could not be more excited to implement some of what I am learning. And the best part, I am doing this from a place of hope and optimism. I love our staff, our love our people, and I love the context in which I have been called! I just hope our staff is equally excited for me to come back and get after it.

2) I am sitting heavy for the first time in my entire life. I don’t think of myself as a workaholic. My wife would probably disagree. I actually think I am someone who loves to work. I love hard work. I love the feeling of exhaustion after a long, hard day. The problem is the heavy lifting I have been called to do in this new season is more spiritual and strategic. It is all in my head and this has set me on an unhealthy course. The feeling of accomplishing something is getting fewer and farther between. And when I do come home from work it is hard to turn off my brain. This means that I spend most of my time with people distracted by all that is in my head. But throughout the last four weeks, I have been able to recalibrate and am actually enjoying rest, enjoying presence; and enjoying activities for the simple joy of them. I pray I take this into my new life. :)

3) I am forever going to weigh 220. My weight has been a thorn in my side for my entire life. I don't have any good reason for it to bother me, and I don't have any real reason to weigh less. After a month of being on sabbatical and working out almost every day, I have lost zero lbs. Turns out, I love to eat, I love to exercise, and I love to be with friends when they eat and drink. So my discipline for the next month is paid attention to the reasons I eat and to stop when I am full and forget the scale. And whatever I weigh on December 1 will be the weight I am going to live in. It is the weight I am going to dress for and the weight I will own.

Ok, that is my weekly check-up. I am about to launch month two with a week here at home. I have some fun appointments with people I love, I am finishing up my IDEO class, and I need to get some running miles under by belt for a race that is only 3 weeks away. Pray for me, and if you let me know how I can pray for you, I'll return the favor.