Sabbatical: Week 3

Well, it seems like my sabbatical is finally underway. I got caught up on my sleep, had some professional development, and this week was a week of sitting heavy. I didn’t think much about it it until some dear family friends made a comment at a picnic. My wife and I were just visiting with our friends and enjoying some good food, when our friend commented that we both look so rested and in love. And you know what, she is right, I am rested and in love.

If I had to sum up this week of sabbatical I would sum it up as marriage restoration. It was a week full of great conversation, special dates and a glimpse of some of that empty nest lifestyle. I am not going to lie, it is pretty nice to have some intentional time with the wife and realize we have plenty to talk about, to dream about, and to enjoy together.

I could not be more proud of my wife and the woman she is. I know you probably say the same thing about your wife, and you should. But for me, I can not believe what an incredibly deep, reflective, and godly woman she is. I love the way she does the hard work and love that I get to be the recipient of all that hard work. Because she has continually worked it out for the last 20 years, our family, our kids, our marriage, and me as a person are all better off for it.

I am sad I don’t have more to say, but this has been a week of personal care and family love. Everyone had school and I spent a lot of time in my jammies and watched some great movies. But the rest week is over and it is time to get after the next couple of things on my sabbatical bucket list.

This week I head off to Ohio for an entrepreneurship conference and staying with some dear friends. We will see how the rhythm of family fun, then personal development, then family fun will work out. As of today, the end of week three, I feel rested, in love, my heart is full and my faith is strong. I love my job and miss it terribly. So now it time to see what God has to teach me in this discipline of time away.

Catch you next week!