Our context is increasingly becoming Post-Christian, maybe our ministry philosophy, strategy, language and ethos should respond accordingly

In the face of a rapidly changing culture, and one that has less and less touch points with a Judeo-Christian worldview or values, it is time for the church to take on the mantle of cross-cultural missionaries, and engage our culture as anthropologist and sociologies, discerning the "thin places" where the good news of Jesus answers our culture's deepest questions and meets our culture's most intimate needs.

There is no need for fear.  The gospel has been good news in every context, every culture, on every continent, for the last 2000 years.  May we learn from the Apostle Paul and leverage our biblical chops and our cultural competency so that by all possible means some may come to know, love, follow and serve our savior Jesus!

Post Christian Worldview

Post Christian Worldview

What does it mean to be Living in a Post-Christian Context?

This is a difficult question.  Here is the introduction from a book I wrote on this subject that might paint a quick picture as we jump into this conversation.


Post-Christian Leadershp 

Leadership in an increasingly Post-Christian context is challenging.  We can't be fear based, but need to create new environments where all are welcomed and given grace as they walk towards Christ.